Mark and Jodi

Mark and Jodi met in 1980 & joined in ‘wedded bliss’ in 1990! Their 30 years of marriage have seen them living in a variety of places in Canada as Salvation Army Officers for the past 13 years.

Before that, they enjoyed many years in Ontario, Mark working for the bank, studying at Tyndale for his BRE, followed by the joy of being a youth pastor for 5 years; Jodi also enjoyed years of study at UofT to receive a BSc in Psychology & Religious Studies, followed by her Nursing diploma from Seneca College and 11 years of varied nursing opportunities.

During these years of study, work and much laughter – their families grew with the arrival of their two beautiful children, Samuel & Michelle. Their love for their family is only surpassed by their deep love for God and seeing children, youth, & young adults grow in their awareness of God & His deep love for them.

They feel it is a deep privilege to now work in the ministry of leading the Ontario Divisional Youth Department.