God and Toast Daily Devotional

God and Toast

The CANBDA Youth Department with the Evangelism Unit has produced God & Toast: a free online ONE YEAR (365 days) daily devotion for kids. The book was written (and field tested) by Genevieve Peterson, Esther Atkins and Stephen Court, and includes stories, action points and more! This resource is available to anyone and can be downloaded here

Not only that, but it features a free ‘album’ of 40 original memory verse songs composed and performed by Phil Laeger along with singing companies around the world (including our own North York Temple Singing Company). There are weekly memory verses (40) plus 11 weeks on the doctrines and one on the junior soldier promise (available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) to get you to 52.

From the Introduction:
“It is so important that you speak to, listen to, learn from and praise God every single day. In fact, the more often you have God in your day, the more amazing and full your life becomes! This book will give you a great start to your day and will help you learn about God, The Salvation Army, and yourself. Just like breakfast, you need to make a time in the morning (every morning!) where you sit down in a quiet spot and read your daily ration. So, every morning, you will have some God and some breakfast…Or, God and toast! (You don’t actually have to eat toast!)”


We would encourage all kids in the Ontario division to check out this wonderful devotion book!