The Candidates Department of the Canada & Bermuda Territory is committed to helping individuals across the territory realize their potential as officers in The Salvation Army.

The department works with Divisional Leaders and local Corps to facilitate the application process for those wanting to enter the College for Officer Training as well as supporting recruitment strategies developed by the division.

In addition, the Candidates Department hosts an Officer Information Weekend every year and develops themes and promotional tools for Call & Commitment Sunday and a yearly campaign.

The department consists of three people who work closely with Divisional Youth Secretaries and a Territorial Candidate Recruitment Workgroup.

If you are interested in exploring becoming an Officer please connect with your Corps Officer.

This page is still under construction. We will be adding each of the cadets from the Ontario Division here. Keep them and their families in your prayers as they continue their studies and training.

Jason and Janice Brinson and son Matthew. Currently doing field-based tailored training  in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.


“We are thankful to God for his unfailing love and strength in the past two years. Please continue to pray for Matthew, our education and classes with CFOT, and our ministry unit here in Yellowknife. We pray that God will continue to use us to be his vessels to carry the gospel message in this part of the country.”

Cadets Mark and Kelsie Burford. Mark and Kelsie are part of the Messengers of Grace.

Cadets John and Aimee Thomas, along with their children Joshua, Nolan, and Matthew. John and Aimee are part of the Messengers of Grace.

Cadet David Hipperson is part of the Messengers of Grace session.

Cadets Jory and Rebecca Hewson are part of the Messengers of Grace session.

Cadets Marco Herrera and April Barthau are part of the Messengers of Grace session.

Cadet Janelle Colbourne is part of the Messengers of Reconciliation session.

“After truly surrendering my life to God and his will for my life, he revealed his plan of officership. I am thankful for the people who have supported me and walked with me to this point in my life. The Lord is faithful, and I look forward to seeing how God will continue to work in my life as I start my journey as an officer.”

Dunia Molinar Fehr is part of the Messengers of Reconciliation session.

“My time at the College for Officer Training will give me the academic preparation I need to be an officer. I am grateful for the opportunity to do what has always been my desire, to serve God and others using the gifts and skills he has given me. The Salvation Army has plenty of doors that God can open to accomplish his plans. Being an officer means surrendering my life to God to spread the gospel and make disciples as he commanded.”

Brian DeBoer
Accepted for Field-Based Tailored Training

“In seminary, I learned a lot of theology and theory for ministry—head stuff. I hope to continue learning through field-based tailored training to be able to serve God even more deeply—with my heart. I joined The Salvation Army because it prioritizes what I feel is the heart of God’s mission: saving souls, reaching the poor, and holiness. Officership will help connect my passion for the gathered body of Christ with a sense of relevance by being the hands of Jesus.”

Robbie Donaldson
Accepted as Auxiliary Captain

“In 2015, I was in financial, mental and spiritual turmoil, so I went to a Salvation Army food bank for help. They gave me more than food that day, and I knew I had to attend church on Sunday. While singing Amazing Grace, I cried with guilt and shame for blocking the Lord from my life for 47 years. I knew Jesus as a child but had drifted away. I began to pray and read Scripture, and my life was changed when I accepted Christ back into my life. I became a senior soldier in 2016 and started working for The Salvation Army. God has called me to share his message of reconciliation as an officer and to befriend the marginalized he brings into my life.”