Divisional Youth Chorus

The Divisional Youth Chorus (aka the DYC) is the youth chorus representing The Salvation Army Ontario Great Lakes (ONG) division.

Our group is comprised of young Salvation Army musicians (ages 13-30) and adult mentors from across the southern part of the ONG division who love singing for God. We love to worship Him together through choral music that is both scripturally solid and musically interesting. We also laugh a lot.


Rehearsals are typically held twice a month in the afternoon of the divisional youth rehearsal days at the Woodstock Salvation Army. Each season we participate in a number of ministry and performance opportunities. We encourage youth in the ONG division to come out for a rehearsal to see what we’re all about and have a good sing.

Donna Harris 

I am a creative type who loves music. You name it – singing, playing, teaching, accompanying, leading, composing, recording. I love studying the Bible and setting Scripture to music. I am also a computer-y type who likes the geeky, techy things of life.

I have been the leader of the Ontario Great Lakes Divisional Youth Chorus since 2018 and a member of the Canadian Staff Songsters since 2016. At my corps, I am the Corps Sergeant Major, Songster pianist, and play solo cornet in our Senior Band. I was also the Songster Leader for seven years.

I love music camp and youth music ministries. I love having fun making music and worshipping God with others.

DYC Members

Mylana I. (Mountain)
Rachel K. (Listowel)
Beatrice M.(Guelph)
Eleanor M. (Guelph)
Kathryn S. (Mountain)
Amber S. (Guelph)
Shawn W.(Meadowlands)

Stephanie A. (Meadowlands)
Major Naomi D. (Woodstock)
Allison M. (Guelph)
Jenna M. (Meadowlands)
Emma R. (Meadowlands)

Jeremy A. (Meadowlands)
Caleb D. (Woodstock)
Zach L. (St. Thomas)
Nygel W.(Meadowlands)

Captain Joshua Downer (DYS)
Joshua D. (South Windsor)

Piano: Janine E. (Mountain)
Bass Guitar: Doug E. (Mountain)
Drums: Myles W. (Meadowlands)

Executive Officer: Captain Joshua Downer (Westminster Park)
Leader: Donna Harris (Guelph)
Deputy Leader: Stephanie Avery (Meadowlands)