Youth Workers Screening and Training

Youth Worker Screening and Training

“It is the goal of The Salvation Army to provide parents with the safest place to send their children. Because
parents perceive The Salvation Army as an organization that helps and cares for people, we need to live up to
that perception when it comes to church and camp programs for their children.” (Nancy Turley, Territorial
Abuse Advisor) We need to recognize that abuse happens and that it has happened within The Salvation Army.
It is our job to work together to show families that “YOUR KIDS MATTER TO US” at The Salvation Army.


All documents must be kept on file at both the corps and at DHQ. Youth Workers should submit their documentation to their Corps Officer or designate at the corps. Corps can then submit electronic copies of documentation to Claire at DHQ.


If you have any questions about this please contact Claire for assistance.

Abuse Prevention Policy Manual & Abuse Prevention Resource Manual

Statement of Applicant for Work with Children and Youth

Police Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening

Armatus Abuse Prevention Training

Read the Territorial Abuse Prevention Policy Manual and the Territorial Abuse Prevention Resource Manual. Sign and submit to your ministry unit the “Acknowledgement of Abuse Prevention Policy Manual” found in the Territorial Abuse Prevention Resource Manual.

These documents can be downloaded here: Abuse Prevention Policy Manual and Abuse Prevention Resource Manual

A Statement of Applicant for Work With Children and Youth must be completed and submitted to the corps officer or immediate supervisor at the commencement of each new position taken. (Download form here or find in the Territorial Abuse Prevention Resource Manual)

Statement of Applicant to Work with Children and Youth forms will be submitted to DHQ who will forward same to the THQ Personnel Dept. to be checked against The Salvation Army’s Child Abuse Registry.

A Police Record Check/Vulnerable Sector Check is required for anyone working with children or youth or having direct access to children and youth

Police Record Checks/Vulnerable Sector Checks must be done every three years by all youth workers. If a worker transfers to another division, a new Police Record Check will be required.

If the Police Record/Vulnerable Sector Check shows a past record, the individual must reveal to The Salvation Army the nature of the record to determine appropriateness of involvement in children and youth ministry.

View and complete the quiz of each of the four “Work With Youth” courses on The Salvation Army page of the Praesidium Academy.

The “Work with Youth” courses are entitled:

1. Meet Sam,

2. It Happened to Me,

3. Duty to Report

4. Keeping Your Church Safe, Keeping Your Camp Safe, Keeping Your Day Camp Safe (depending on your context you may be required to complete all three of these courses.)

Upon completion of the courses above an annual refresher course will be required to be completed. This refresher course becomes available in January of each year and should be completed then.

Instructions on how to enroll, use this resource, and registration codes can be downloaded here: Praesidium Academy Quick Start Guide.