@the Ready

@the Ready

We’re excited to share @theREADY: a brand new discipleship framework to help you make
CHRIST-centered, OTHERS-focused disciples.

The @theREADY Discipleship Framework will provide leaders with a vast catalogue of resources that will be designed to prepare youth and children to be “READY to…” live as CHRIST-centred, OTHERS-focused disciples at every phase of their growth and development. 

“READY to…” categories are not necessarily titles of specific programs. Rather, they are age phase categories indicating the stage of life, manner of learning, and discipleship purpose specific to each age phase. Each area will include intentional strategy and resources that will help ministries approach discipleship holistically for each age phase.
Corps and other ministry units will have freedom and flexibility to integrate and use the age phase resources appropriate to whichever program they develop and/or choose to run, as they seek to intentionally make CHRIST-centred, OTHERS-focused disciples who are @theREADY.


  • We envision a generation of Salvationists who are @theREADY in their homes, their corps, their communities, and their world.
  • We seek to equip and entrust leaders with tools and responsibility for the faithful discipleship of children and youth through the first two-and-a-half decades of their lives.
  • We continue to work together to see young people, their families and leaders, immersed in the CHRIST-centred gospel story, journeying with them as they develop and live an increasingly OTHERS-focused faith.
  • We believe programs are simply tools and environments in our hands designed to help disciples practice being the person God is calling and shaping them to be as they journey along the process of discipleship.
  • We commit to continual development of this vision and to making intentional tools available to leaders and families across the Canada and Bermuda territory to help see the vision of an @theREADY CHRIST-centred, OTHERS-focused generation become a renewed reality in The Salvation Army and in our world.