A component of the @the Ready framework is our partnership with Orange, who will be providing us with curriculum and a philosphy for our children and youth Ministry. 

Orange believes that two combined influences make a greater impact than just two individual influences, this is why they believe in combining the light of the church with the heart of the home. 

The Orange curriculum is able to be used by any corps or Ministry Unit. Curriculum is designed for ages 0-25 years old, and each lesson contains more than enough material to allow you to truly customize it to your programs and children/youth. Their curriculums combine childhood development techniques and practical theology that are designed to grow a child’s personal faith at each stage of life. This ensures that children are hearing the right teaching at the right time, or phase, of their development.

Orange will also help you partner with parents to help them be more intentional in their homes. ParentCue resources allow parents to reinforce what children hear at church and give parents to tools to engage in meaningful conversation with their children.

Along with curriculum Orange also provides strategy and tools to develop a team of leaders and volunteers who will show up consistently to disciple kids.

If you are not already onboard with Orange but want to be contact us and we can get you started!

If you’re already on board but have questions contact Becca or Jill (Becca for First Look and 252 Kids, Jill for XP3 Middle and High School as well as Live a Better Story), they are both happy to help!